Standard Chartered Annual D&D 30 Nov 2012 @ Resort World Sentosa 圣淘沙名胜世界

Hooray!She is my partner tonight.We got some snacks, board the monorail, and then walk to the conference hall. So excited!


All I Want For Christmas... ... 圣诞节前夕的愿望

I'm so excited also over joyful. It's Christmas again. Hope everyone enjoy their holidays. Please don't forget to spend times together with your family, accompany them and also tell them how much you love them.

Monthly Whitening+Vit C Jab 美白!健康焕发肌肤! 美丽白皙的皮肤

Hi Everybody! An advertorial on how I maintain good healthy skin. "Whitening+Vitamin Injection" which I need to visit the clinic weekly.

If you still remember, I wrote regarding, Whitening + Vitamin Injection will show instant result such as brighter, glower, healthy skin and also strengthen elastic of skin.

Tian Jin Fong Kee 天津冯记, 美味的锅贴!

The stall named 天津冯记, Tian Jin Fong Kee is a restaurant in People's Park Complex selling mainly Chinese food such as Steamed Dumplings and Minced Pork and 锅贴.

China Bus Drivers' Strike on 26 Nov 2012

Wa ka li kong (Hokkien saying of Let's me tell you this). This is Limpeh ye Country, don't play play hor or itchy backside go create trouble out of boredom.
(lol. I so typical Singaporean, but yes I'm a Singapore and i love it)

D.I.Y Glow Skin With BANANA Juice. 让您皮肤发光, D.I.Y 香蕉汁

Bananas are great food for all round protection. For an average person, athletes or those placed on diet, bananas juice may provide greater benefits than most fruit juice. ♥
Don't they look extremely CUTE! Baaaa... naaannaa

My Monthly Supplement I can't live without! December 2012

 Guess What? Yeah... LOL! I can't live without Supplement. Multivitamin & Collagen is a "MUST" to me! 

I'm a HEALTH CAUTION person Ok?! I Know you can't tell right??!! LOL!! 

Yeah Yeah!! Regardless, I'm still A Health Caution Nut Freakier.

I have friends even said, "Aiyo why you eating all this, no good no good. And also would'nt really helps cause I party animals. 
I was like "WTF" -.-" HELLLLLLOOOOOOO..... WOooooooooo

Busy working human & party animals should even take care their liver & health. Hmmm.. I don't mean this supplement will help you, in not getting and flu, fever or hangover etc..
Having right supplement will prevent the risk on getting sick or giving you skin a protection against UV from Sun or light that might hurts your skin.

**(This is my point of view, if you have any worries, it's always alright to seek for the doctor medical advices. I promise you, the pharmacologist will more then happy to help you. @ Drug store like Watson & Guardians :))
Centrum Multi Vitamin is what I will stock up monthly or either 3 months once , it's depend on how many tablets I getting each time.

Winners for Luxury Bags Giveaway 2012 & SaSa $1000 Beauty Products‏

Congratulation to the Winners!! Don't forget when you win, your friend win too.

Above is the list of the lucky winners. Don't forget to reply to "myfatpocket" email, otherwise after a week the bags, hampers & goodie bags will be forfeited. Woo~(BAD) WASTE~!
Don't be too upset if you did'nt win any prize just like me (SAD), never mind then lets try harder the next Luxury Bags Giveaways. I WILL DIE DIE WIN!! LOL~

Have a Wonderful day ahead with a BIG bright smile~!
Thanks Everyone for reading & GOOD LUCK

GEO Fantasy Starry Magic Color for Christmas. Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars For Xmas!!


Yeah.. Wooo Hoo ~~ It's December again. Christmas is coming, a day of about giving and receive blessing from everyone.

It's GeoLens again. Recommending you this Fantasy Starry Magic Color lenses to add in this Christmas a little more fun.

All picture 100% no photo-shot. ^.^  So this picture below, hope didn't scare you off the chair
*YELL* Oops! Don't get shock, I'm doing a tutorial on my Fantasy Starry Magic Color a.k.a Twinkle little Stars Lens for this Xmas season by GeoLens

Love At The First Sight!!! That's Unicorn colors is my all times favourite X 10,000,000
I seriously wanna dance it  out to express how much i LOVE this Starry Magic Color

It's Fantasy Starry T-732, I named it as Fancy Twinkle Stars, cause it twinkle when I blink my eyes. Also, and it's 14.2MM Yearly Disposable