SOL Bikini Beach Party @ Wave House 27 Nov 2010

Having great party at Wave  House, knowing peoples there and all the experience that i gain. The feeling is just so excited. But I will join FHM again next year. I will remove my tattoo on my leg & tummy & waist. My friend always said model should have too much tattoo... And all the tattoo was done at my nerviness age. Give me a year time more... I going to removal it!!!! HAHA~ And as well all my fats~
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I'm very nervous

Ice cold beer for a damm hot weather is the best of everything!

Thanks My dear Christina to be there for me..... iloveu

 Happen to see Andrew, it's been a long time we never meet each other.

 Christina & Hannah & Nicole. Pleasure to me Hannah she really nice as she share her experience with me. Thanks Hannah. Someone  I will admire, I like u so much~

 My dear & I. Thanks for keeping me accompany the whole day. I'm touch~ I appreciated u

 Just try to be sexy... Christina u sexy too lehs... haha~
 After the whole day, finally about to get down to water. One word I can describe is " SHIOK"

 I have bad tolerance on WAITING. HATE WAITING!!!!
It's time to slim down Nicole.B. Getting fatter each day. Need to cut down on all my snack & my favorite chocolate. Sigh! Maybe once a week pamper myself. Need to torture myself!

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