Whosgoing @ Dbl O

With all crazy bunch of people. I love people!! Hope people love me too.....

 I'm always crazy, but i'm really fine... hehe~
 I look like a Monkey.....
 Alvin Photography for Whosgoing
Jacob (Mix & Anyhow mix) & Angela (China Beautiful Land) & Nicole.B (Singha)

 Logo of Whosgoing!!!


 This is Jamesy Santa Claus!!!!

Move~ Rock Pop move~ Loo

1, 2, 3
Hazel & Nicole.B
Hazel & Beata... Pretty tipsy
All start to get so high & tipsy already... & Beata vomited in the toilet.. good job
Angela & Nicole.B
 So cute.... So tipsy....

 Happy Birthday John..... Stay young & rock always...
 Happen to see her at VIP
 The crowd in Dbl O
Tipsy everyone
 Extra Alvin... haha.... Joking
 Hazel & Beata
Hairy & Nicole.B We the ambassador for Whosgoing Singapore 
Really wanna be Whosgoing Singapore
 Wannabe photography...
 6.4" FML I'm Shorty
 ok lahs.. look tall........
 John & Beata
 They r so matching... Wedding invite me pls~
 I look fat.... FML
 Hi I'm Nicole.B (haha Just try to intro myself)
 Before drink they r all shy... OMG...
 Cheers... gd luck.. don get drunk...
 Hairie (or Hi Ris or Hairy)? hehe~
 Ambassador for Whosgoing Singapore
 Get high tonight.....
 Shawn said i'm a mother-fucker.. FML . I'm just friendly & bubbly ok!!!!!!
 Going to start~ Waitng for the drink...
 The 3 guys babe~
 3 babes & i think i'm the crazy 1....
The 3 babes
The 2 Babes.....
 The photographer for Whosgoing Singapore  Alvin
 Work hard & play hard @ SMU~
 Oh you my sexy babe... love it
SMIROFF event party... Rock it~
We r early... 
 SMU... haha~
The Boyfriend & girlfriend & Nicole.B
 The wonders w Whosgoing
Kick off the night... Party!
Rock it @ Dbl o

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