C O N F U S S I O N . L A S ER

C O N F U S S I O N . L A S ER 

i really really hope to laser away my tattoo on my leg, At my naive that i put a catty on my leg.. Now everyone thought im a bad girl. Even working in the office I have to hide here n there where by this is not me. This is my pressure.

But i also understand laser away is painful & costly. I can bear the pain but I can bear the cost. 

Any doctor out there willing to give me a free tattoo remover? I don't mind to be your model. As i have lots of friend want to laser away but there don't dare to step out their every step.
Or any kind person can sponsor me to laser away, As my hope is to be a Air stewardess.

I wish I wish my tattoo can be  remove with no scares. CAN YOU HELP?


  1. Personally, having a tattoo doesn't mean you necessarily are a bad person. Why would your colleagues think so? I have friends with full arm tattoos and a lady friend with full body but we all know it's an interest and they are well spoken and well mannered and they are well respected and liked. There's nothing to hide actually, work on your delivery, working attitudes and the way you carry yourself and people will stop judging you by the small tattoo.

    If you think it's hideous, lasering it away makes sense but it will leave an ugly scar... you can take injects after to let the scars subside but it won't disappear. My suggestion is for you to extend and overlap with more tattooing to modify it so that it will look cooler. Having a tattoo doesn't write a character, let alone your tattoo is rather small. I think people (not me) think you are a bad girl through other observations together with the tattoo.

    My two cents worth...

  2. Yup you are right, but im a very self cautious person. I do not know how over come on this when everything people asking my small tattoo.

    N so place do judge you by the type. Maybe I'm freaking don't bother them.. but days accumulate. Only course is to remove or add on. I choose to remove.

    Thanks for your kind advise