Hey!! Anyone can recongise me?

Transform... Transforming...
Changes of this 10years..
Don't give up, the beginning is always the hardest!

When i was 14 (Year 2002)... Yeah...!! Dark & Round was about 55-58kg 
Can u see, i can't even fit in to this tee... Terrible -_-  lolz

17th Birthday Year 2004
Christine & ahwee & me! That's the age i feel that i seriously need to go under a strict diet. But i love FOODS(typical Singaporean), especially JUNK!
I love Junks....
Slimming down take time &  it never easy.
Give up in between lots & lot of times. Do u know how terrible when everyone happy eating together, then i hv to force myself saying im not hungry at all.
Honestly, being a fat fat chubby girl is a Happy girl. No political issue.... hehe!

Can u spot the different? The picture above is AhWee. Both of us slim down so much. If we can, u can too... JIAYOU~
Wow!! I feel amazing too. This picture taken on September 2011

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