Start Whitening your smile today :)

Smiley Whitey! love it
This is the picture i without any of make up, hopefully i don scare of out of the HELL. LOLzzzz
My experience of the teeth whitening is fantastic, as the nurse and doctor r extremely friendly. U don feel boring while doing 2 hours whitening, honestly after after whitening i don feel painful yet i still can consume food, but after 2-3 hours i will feel slightly sour, but it bearable.
After wake up from bed, my tooth is back to normal again whereby, no pain & when u look in the mirror n brush ur teeth, the color look the same as white as the tooth paste. You may think i over elaborate, but trust me. After whitening i smile more.
Even my mum ask me: Ur teeth look white!! 
I was extremely HAPPY.... Jumping up & down!!
Beautiful smile is very very important.
Ever saw a very pretty lady with very yellow teeth, nicole almost faint!! hehe~ OMG!! 

For me i turn off. But i don-no what u guy think, maybe u like pretty girl with yellow smile.
Not only ladies, For men having white teeth is important, u can attractive & charming. 
Don u think so? ^.^
I like guy with beautiful smile. Attracted me a lot a lot ^.^

Show u my ugly yellow teeth before i visit dental... May look disgusting, if turn off, pls switch of the lappy n go to bed. But hopefully u don get night mare... lolz 

Kong Dental clinic
534 Choa Chua Kang Street 51 #01-45, Limpang Shopping Centre.

Try it....! Dream on your beautiful whitening teeth..... 

Just mentioned Nicole Wong Recommend. Discount will be given. Hope to c u guy with beautiful smile.... 

Love xoxoxo!

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