Armpit Again! Asian vs France

Seriously???!! Showgirl? 
Pretty babe! Please shave your armpit.... -_-"
Why most of the China ladies don't Shave? Please make me understand.
You not living in the 50's 60's.
Will Zai Nan still like this???? 
MAKE ME Understand, please!!!!!

They can hide behind the hair when they surrender with the hands up. Seriously.......?! Turn off! Night

 long time since I've seen a hairy pit. In fact I would go further and say 60% don't have pubies.
It is an old wartime thing to say French girls are hairy, those that say they are have either spent their time in the farmers market or have never been there.
Besides as some others have said there is freedom of choice,they don't have Tony Blair there to take it from them.
Most British has asked their wife not to shave as he likes it that way. 
No everyone in Europe does it! Generalization! Generalization! Generalization!


  1. Well are you clean shaven all over your body? lol...

  2. Lol... definitely!!! Will try to remain myself everyday.

  3. I like this idea, the whole woman is sexy....

  4. Please visit to my FC2 blog.
    There are many hairy armpit pictures of eastern women.

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  6. So America has a shaving fascination, don't mean the rest of the world does.
    And just because you live in America it doesn't make you always right.
    Maybe the need for that shaved woman is the underlying psychology of
    pedophilia. Ever think of that? Real women have hair. Real women are sexy. Little
    girls aren't. Once you travel the world and step out of your cocoon, you'll see
    how small your mind has been. And just not in reference to this subject.

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