GentlePaws And Friends Adoption Drive 2011

GentlePaws And Friends Adoption Drive 2011
10-11 December 2011
10am - 5pm
16 Pasir Ris Farmway 2
Please give them a Chance to have a home like us. Trust me, their definitely prefect best friend ever.
So pls pls pls pls pls pls give them a chance by, spread this Adoption Drive around, as it a 2 days event. You might able to consider with your friends & loves ones.

Friends who knows me, known i'm a " Animal Freak-er", Basically, i LOVES animals.....!
i might be afraid of some crawling animal (haha) but i will never thought of hurting them.

i already had 2 dogs & AVA will not allow anymore. Even how much i wish i could bring them home. On a brighter side, loving animal sometimes don't have to owe it, but sharing your loves to dogs without shelter, love & care.We can do our part as donation, volunteer work &
As i trying to help really a little, by spreading on network or friends.

 Simply WANT a HOME.....
Let HELP them, We are their VOICES.

I mean SERIOUSLY! if you consider any pets, adopt them instead of buying.
But please bring a sincere heart to bring them back as they will be your best friend & don't abandon them anymore.
If you are not SERIOUSLY not ready to get a new friend into your house, i think you don't make any hassles decision. Dogs might not talk to us, but they can help us. If you abandon him away again due to make a hassles decision, this will cause them a bigger impact. 
Nobody will like to be pass around & round.... Not BUFFET OK!!!??

No matter where you are, you still can be a part of sharing the loves around.

Anyone who read this, Me & all pets Really wanna say a BIG  
"THANK YOU!!!". 
Hope you can let your friend know about them or you don't mind posting on FB?! 
PLEASE HELP THEM!!! x 1000000000. 
MUACKS!!!This will be the best XMAS for me.....! 

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