Hairy Armpit??? Or Silk Armpit???

Browsing randomly & i found this. Who’s really pretty, but she has these ridiculously thick armpit hair and it’s kind of a shame because she’s really attractive, but everytime she raises her arms, you can’t help but go “WHOA!” Hahaha! She says it’s “beautiful and natural”, words of a weird artsy hippie person, not mine. She says she wants to bring back the 1970’s Parisian Girl Chic. I don't think gonna work.
All the best to her.

Brazillian Wax it common & can simply get in from some website for special discount & good deal.
Such as; or
think is a hassle or wasting time????????
try it at more than half the original price from some coupon website, what a good deal right? Why must you keep it for sake?

seriously? o.m.g! please spend some effort to shave.

i don't what happen to this, but need to do something. pls....................

1 comment:

  1. I just love those hairy armpit...
    So sexy and natural...