OFFSIDE Fustal @ 2 Whitley Road

Congrats!  Awesome grand opening, it another new spot that you can spend time with family & friends. And get some ass kicking. *HAHAHAH*

The Futsal Park @ Thomson Flyover will provide an alternative sporting facility for local soccer enthusiasts. Due to the massive infrastructures surrounding the site, it fell into no man’s land and became alienated from the surrounding urban fabric despite its proximity to the city centre. The proposed Futsal Park capitalizes on the edgy and ‘’street’’ quality of the sport and marry it to the unique urban location below the flyovers. This creates a memorable experience for the park users while contributing to the rejuvenation of the area. The centralized location of the site and its relative isolation from residential areas means it can operate around the clock and cater to the active sporting lifestyle of the city working crowd.

We will be the first Futsal site in Singapore to offer a comfortable and new experience for visitors and those waiting for their spouse, children or friends to finish a game. We will have free Wi-Fi for public use and we will be carrying an extensive range of football merchandise such as soccer boots, jerseys, sports apparels and more importantly, we will be show casing the authentic and official apparels for Euro 2012, giving all soccer fanatic a chance to catch a glimpse and insight to one of the largest world competition! We are sure to bring a brand new futsal experience to Singapore!

Contact us at 97969570 or email us at for enquiries. We are at 2 Whitley Road S(297715)
More information you can visit

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Mon-Fri: 3am - 6pm $60/hr
Mon-Fri: 6pm - 3am $90/hr
Sat-Sun: Full Day $90/hr

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