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Home base business located at Seng Kang and Jurong west area. Experienced Nail Technicians with years. Business start up by 2 sisters.

 Take a picture before starting my nails. Haha!! You know girls right,taking a picture is more impt then eating a meal. With the lady Joyce, very small little size with kids of 2.
Can't tell right!!!!

 Cam whore!! Bear with me! Cant stop taking picture. Am i a photoaddict ?? >.< LOL~ Because once i start doing my nails, I will not be able to take. SO TAKE TAKE TAKE 123..

 Joyce the elder sister which will be staying in Compassvale area. Get your nails done around your neighbor, with professional art work yet at a lower price. Why not???!!

Let me show you the comfy area. Just like HOME!! THUMB UP x 100000000000000

Massage chair for me is the best!!! I aching everywhere like a old piece of rack

A SHIOK look?? hahaha~!!!! Check out yourself by calling them for appointment.

Don't miss out the good deal Joyous Nails given to my reader.


Let's me show you peeps what I had done, do let me know if is nice? HAHA! Peeps know me as a plain jane, I did nails art design once but it drop off so easily, that make me feel totally waste of my penny, therefore I didnt do nails art for 5-6yrs (HAHA!! I know is super long ago) till Joyce make a the decision for me.

make an animated gif
My first try on round shape nails, as Joyce mentioned that this will make fingers look more longer n slimmer & also a trend for round shape nails in Japan too.

You like my nail designs? Wanna do your nails at lower pricing?
Find my manicurist!
It is a home based nail shop, so there’s no rental cost involved. Therefore, it’s cheaper than conventional nail stores in town.

Simply mention "NICOLE WONG" and you will be entitled 30% off for your Gel  manicure & pedicure. (What a good deal right?)
By appointment basis, so give Joyce a call and make your appt now!!!!

Classic gelish Mani $48
Classic gelish Pedi $58

REMEMBER to mention my name "NICOLE WONG" to get 30%

My nails after one week, the ribbon still there. amazing cause I'm known as a Big Tom Boy. It stick well..... GOOD!! HAHAHA

Please contact Joyce from Joyous Nails at 94242025 for appointment. They're located in both SengKang & Jurong.

Add them in facebook too!!!!! JOYOUS NAILS


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