SCC 65th International Rugby 7s Tournament 2012

Here again at Singapore Cricket Club. It's my 2nd year & more to go in the further.
Its contradicting weather, burning warm in the afternoon & it suddenly rain heavily.
Have so much fun when it rain even though, it are more crowd and muddy foot.


Day 1 Mumm Champagne VIPs. With my Nixie Angel

How do i look in this Mumm Champagne elegant uniform? OMG!! Look, my tummy popping out?! 

Opps!! Ate too much for lunch, Argh!! Not easy to work as an event talent girl (Am just too hungry). Seriously need to look good & don't gain weight is impossible.  <Crazy??!!> But seriously there's some girls don't gain weight no matter how much they eat. * S O . E V N Y*


Thanks God for what he given to me as a human being. But I can improve it from my ability & power to enhance the imperfect area

Not easy to be a woman as especially women to be in good shape & fair skin tone... Everything there have a price to pay!
Don't forget to have some fun when knocking off. Happy yet tiring but afterall is off work time. Yeah yeah yeah ~~!!!!
 Day 2 . 第65国际橄榄球7s比赛 Raining Day it's a Cooling day to watch Rugby 7s
Hope you guys enjoy your weekend!!! Rolls ~ on

Red tube top for Rugby Tournament again. The same top for year 2011. 
This year I station at AVAYA booth.
HELL!! I gain weight recently after I'm back in from Bangkok. Too many good food recently. Can you see my pork belly? 3 layer Pork Belly!! 
Hello Nicole Wong! It's time to go for a jog & hit to gym.
Hello Peeps! Join me in the Rugby Tournament

The angmo next booth to me, no talent model to help him... HMMMM....!!!! Weird??!! Company save cost? or is their company first year. HAHA! I'm such a KPO!
Me & Cyndiana disturb this angmo, asking him to take pic for us & also taking pic together with us. 
What a boring angmo.....! But nice knowing you. Opps! I forgotten his name, think is Nick or nicholas . 
Noticed this angmo can really eat, he eat and eat. Buying pizza, fries, burger & etc... Angmo really can eat! Power!

 I'm at 2nd level this year, actually not too bad cause I able to see the whole rugby field & free from human traffic. LOL!! Cyndiana said this angmo look quiet Cuteeeeeewww......!!! WTF!! 
HMMMM!! -.-" STOP hunting for guys Cyndiana!!!

With my beautiful Essanne, really hard to see her in the same event She is busy woman with lots of event job. 
When i have nothing to do & Can't sit still on my booth. 
I run all the way to the end of the booth to look for her. Hope we gonna have a chance to work same.
 Spot the girls. Rugby 7s is a yearly event so there always have chance to work with them. Even thought Its a tiring afternoon after yelling my lung out! Our throat sore.....! *ROAR*
 But don't forget to smile just like us do. 
BIG SMILE FOR WEEKEND!! Gonna spam lots n lots of water.....

Always excited looking forward to lunch. Cross finger & pray hard that our lunch box is awesome. At least taste yummy..... grruuuuuu~~~ Gurruuuu~ My tummy Gruuuu-ing!!
Every my tummy gruu-ing, I want to faint when I heard that!! So Paisay!!
Lunch-ing with Choco. It's been a long long long time we meet. Miss Miss her!!!
 This is our lunch box! Thanks God for blessing us food BUT.......!!! The lunch box is total uneatable 不开胃 cause the rice is really hot & the meat & vegetable hard like rocks. Think I had my lunch box too late this time.I had my lunch nearly 3pm, ok! Understand.... Maybe I will have my lunch earlier tomorrow then.... 
Look nice but not nice!! Not not appetizing when I had my first mouth. 不开胃的午餐.

Day 3. HOT HOT Sun & Pouring Rain. Busy day
 The india guy again. He is the guy beside me last year. I remember we exchange a lot of thing last year... LOL!! Secret!!! But he is so cute & funny cause he want to be capture! LOL!
 Capture on the last day. So rush!! So worried i forgotten to take a pic with the girls. Luckily!!

Back to booth!! Weather is terribly insane!! Suddenly too hot and the next moment raining super heavily. Hello!! Make up your mind man~~~!!!

02 November 2012 - 04 November 2012
65th SCC International Rugby 7s Tournament at Padang
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 Have a nice day!

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