All I Want For Christmas... ... 圣诞节前夕的愿望

I'm so excited also over joyful. It's Christmas again. Hope everyone enjoy their holidays. Please don't forget to spend times together with your family, accompany them and also tell them how much you love them.
Christmas Present Redemption(圣诞节礼物赎回:):

This year 2012, we encounter a seriously breakdown in my family, which is my Daddy collapse due to Heart attack. This bring lots of negative emotional. Also this changed of my mummy, younger brother & my  daily life. Tension level is higher, worries, frustration , lost of concentration, fear, pain & uncertain. What can I do? I feel extremely helpless.

Christmas Present Redemption:

Santa please bless my Daddy with good health. I willingly exchange my yearly Christmas present.

10 years Christmas Present = Dad's good health.

I will be very contented. Hopefully everything will be awesome in year 2013!




I taking Santa Clause advice to Relax & Sleep. Think that's the best idea to relax tension. 觉得这就是最好的办法,以放松紧张情绪。





Smile more, frown less! 多微笑皱眉! HOHOHO! 开心的人大家都爱!

Christmas Wishes:
  •  My family stay healthy & happy
  • Everyone around me can have their happiness
  • World peace 
For me I will be working at LoveDrunk Princep Street from 10pm to 2am. Come down!! Hope to see you there!! Drop me a comment to book a table

 Thanks for reading & Good luck!

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