My Monthly Supplement I can't live without! December 2012

 Guess What? Yeah... LOL! I can't live without Supplement. Multivitamin & Collagen is a "MUST" to me! 

I'm a HEALTH CAUTION person Ok?! I Know you can't tell right??!! LOL!! 

Yeah Yeah!! Regardless, I'm still A Health Caution Nut Freakier.

I have friends even said, "Aiyo why you eating all this, no good no good. And also would'nt really helps cause I party animals. 
I was like "WTF" -.-" HELLLLLLOOOOOOO..... WOooooooooo

Busy working human & party animals should even take care their liver & health. Hmmm.. I don't mean this supplement will help you, in not getting and flu, fever or hangover etc..
Having right supplement will prevent the risk on getting sick or giving you skin a protection against UV from Sun or light that might hurts your skin.

**(This is my point of view, if you have any worries, it's always alright to seek for the doctor medical advices. I promise you, the pharmacologist will more then happy to help you. @ Drug store like Watson & Guardians :))
Centrum Multi Vitamin is what I will stock up monthly or either 3 months once , it's depend on how many tablets I getting each time.

Definitely the more tablets you get the more cheaper will be. Sometimes they have promotion in Watson & Guardian which what I always look out. Trust me! It's really 30-40% cheaper. So "CAN BUY" loh...

 Got this @ $57 for 100 tablets. 1 tablets daily, which mean is about $0.57 daily I can prevent from getting sick and improve immune system. A-Z means 26 different types of vitamin & minerals will be penetrating in to my blood vessel.

I have been taking multi vitamin seen I get my first job which is sooooooon many years back.

Taking vitamin I personally feel my nails get stronger, lesser dropping of hairs, skin better & honestly don't easy to get sick like cough or fever..... I seldom visit the doctor, cause each time it cost me at least $50 (minimum!!!) and bloody gonna wait for my turn.
Nah.... Save it!! I want to take care my health & have less hassle.

My FAVORITE 2012!!!! It's cool, cause it's a different ways of eating.
Normally Collagen supplement will advise us to eat in the morning (which i encounter)
But this AFC Collagen Beauty Supplement is intake 3-6 caplets before bed time.

It's Help:

  • Helps lessen wrinkles (which I preventing getting at a younger age. I'm Kaisu!!) LOL!
  • Promotes skin regeneration and aids in repair of scars. (I always burn or cut by small objects, OMG!! Which I always don't know how it's happen)
  • Helps restore skin firmness, clarity and radiance
  • Aids in repair and maintains or joints and cartilage (Nowadays my joints get weaker, just like an old granny, time flies & I'm getting older)

This is what I will intake every night before bed time. While sleeping, it recover back all the lost Collagen, also it helps aches and joint problem.

Hope it's help you have more choices in choosing your supplement. It's time to sleep! Thanks everyone for reading!! 

Good Night peeps & Good Luck!!

Need to have good health in order to absort all the right vitamin, otherwise what ever Collagen you intake, it's wouldn't works.

Good Health, Good Skin!!!!!

**(This is not paid/sponsor. Thanks :)

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