GEO Tricolor Green (Magic Color)

Hi everyone, today I doing advertorial on GEO Contact lens.

I'm wearing GEO TRICOLOR GREEN (Magic Color). It's my 2nd favorite NOW for 2013 and I really love that it look natural and super comfy and most important I don't look too fake or too dolly dreamy eyes, I'm don't suit cutie-pie look. Otherwise before you puke I puke first. HAHAHA~!! GEO TRICOLOR GREEN is 14.2mm which is just nice for me. Simple yet brighten up my eyes, cause the color blended well.

♥ NICE & NATURAL?? ♥ GEO Tricolor Green (Magic Color)

GEO Contact lens they have all ready stock & will mail out within 2days or even more faster then you never imagine, cause I personally a customer with them since early year 2011. Definitely will continue cause they know me the best and most important they update the status time to time so you need not worry if you item lost or what. Online purchase always worry of lost mail. For GEO Contact lens i never encounter this but only good service. Really Thanks GEO Contact lens for all the quality and awesome service. LOVE!!

If you love the contact lenses I wore. This is their website GEO Contact lens (Click onto the link).

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Check the page out:

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