ZAFFERANO Official Launch of elit™ by Stolichnaya®

The lofty space with floor-to-ceiling glass-windows made us feel generously welcome. This place is perfect for parties! Heard of 'Zafferano'? Been there yet?

 ZAFFERANO Official Launch of elit™ by Stolichnaya®

Honor to work with Zafferano present Stolichnaya. Working with the other 5 gorgeous ladies. Awesome Vodka, Music, People & definitely the atmosphere high up at level 43. 

  The magnificent night shall begin. Strike a post, standard post we had. HAHAHA!

 6's BLACK ANGEL<黑天使>Pic before kick start, this is how it's work. LOL 

 收工!! Same goes to us. Take a pic before heading home.I glad working with the new friends. They are so bubbly & spontaneous, hopefully there's a chance to work together again and I know, definitely will. (From left: Joanna, Eilse, Sherry, Me, Janice & Selena)

三八婆!! 太疯狂了!!趴地!到没有明天!蓝辛蓝兴....~ Whoo Hooo!疯狂一整夜。
三八~ When I start drinking I will always behave my character

Alas, it's time for us to leave! But, not without one final shot with the sweet and ever-bubbly girls! Definitely I will be back! Nights. Thanks for reading & Good luck!

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