Why Little Indian Riot?

You seriously will not even imagine that the Angry Mob whack down few of those government 


What trigger them so badly? 

NO Joke! Seriously! Tio Bao!!! Super Hiong!! HELP! SOS!

OMG!! Honestly Bangladesh Damn duper united ones. One attract a few then attract up to 400 Bangladesh within few minutes. Is the police or any forces also that united? 

This few minutes clip had clearly show us a picture of United as one. They might not know each other but when they feel there's danger they stood up. 

But definitely is an offend and against the law by hitting anyone down. Actually my great concern is if what it happen in the day where there's elderly or children, will they be evacuate to places where is safe?

A hero amid the Little India riot? 

Thanks for helping to stop and pull them away from whacking but for you alone can't do much. Hope Singapore can find you to reward you and know more the truth story behind.

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