Amore Body Composition Analysis

My (TBW) Total Body Water is 22.4% less then average which mean i did not drink enough water so I can 'flush' out all the fats & waste in my body, which will turn fats in bottom part of body (tummy & butt & thigh). So scarcely....
Body analysis with Amore. My PBF ( Percent Body fats 29%) which is over average which is my tummy area & WHR (Wasit Hip Ratio 13.6%) is between average. Which mean I need to do more exercise on my bottom. OMG I have fat ass & thigh. Please help me! I need Liposuction!!!!
And there are some info on how many kcal you can burn off in 30mins. Jogging, Swimming, Cycling, Aerobic etc can burn most of the fats off... 
I want at least 3times a week for swimming, jogging & cycling.. Burn Burn Burn my ass away!

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