Beautiful Changi

OMG! This is my first time sitting Ferrari for photoshoot. Can you imagine is just under my block lobby. Haha! I gonna said I’m just damn “Sua Ku” . Because i can’t see him & i call him and ask him "where r u"? And is actually was so low that kena block by a lorry. But anyway Thanks Mark for giving me such an honours!!! HAHA~
Let go.....
 Sua Ku face!!
I'm Happy but tiring! Can tell right.....Nice car
Simple resort.... Suitable for a small get away from your parent.. haha!
What if i hv 1 of this cars.... 
Nice Sunlight
 Another said of me... Can be auntie can me lady... haha~
 Never stay there b4, maybe i should try 1 day... haha
 Time to remove my make up & check out
 Is raining outside after that
 The friendly young staffs
Check out plsssss......
Blooms is Beautiful
 Take a pic with them.... haha! Sua Ku right.... 
In my heart is "let me drive home" but i scare too... Don't wanna cause any damage on that....
Ok!!! Last pic.... haha~ Nice car n shiok lahs.. if can speed up in the track will be more fun... 280km???

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