This is my every first time visit Beyond Beauty. Finally have a good body massage. Actually massage is good for health as it helps blood circulation & releases all your stress. Good to have massaged once a week but I'm not that rich. Too bad I can’t afford this entire package. But package for Beyond Beauty reasonable (10x $688 + 10 free scrub = / $34.50 per session), 1hr massage & have free scrub to beauty and keep your skin smooth.

All receptionist all so paiseh... hehe.. When i said i wanna take a pic all run away

Massage is always damm shiok.

While relaxing, i requested the masseuse to take a pic for me. She keep laughing said I'm the first customer who request it. Haha~ she is funny too... From Indonesia

Relaxing cosy room.. will make up fall aslp.. haha~

 At the waiting area

Pls wait for awhile Nicole.B

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