Ellips Hair Vitamin Treatment

Ellips Hair Vitamin treatment comes in 3 visions. Pink is for treatment, Purple for color hair & treatment & yellow for shiny n glossy.
Most of my friend ask me how come you dye you hair and curl or tong your hair and blow dry your hair, but y your hair still look so healthy and glossy. Honestly my hair is so until i use this product Ellips. Inexpensive product. It only $16.90 for 50capsules ($16.90 / 50capsules = $0.338) Worth it. I use once a day so it can last me for at least 1 mth plus. And the result of the Ellips you can feel it within 3days -5days... No joke.
Normally got back from work, after shower I will apply one capsules on my semi dry hair n leave it to dry.

The combination of Jojoba oil (smell good). Have UV protection, Pro B-5 and vitamin A,C,E which help treat damage hair structure & reduce spilt end caused by hair blow-drying curling, coloring, rebinding. (Just like me, cos i swim lots, hair dries like hell). Hair looks healthier & manageable and shiny.

1. Clean/shampoo your hair, let it semi dry
2. Open one or two Ellips (depend how long your hair is) apply at your end first and then wipe to your hair through... (Non oily at all)
3. Leave it to dry.

OMG just that simple. Just recommend some cheap and good product which u can simply get from Watsons. Choose what treat you want for your hair.

I love to recommend cheap and good things... Which everyone can afford. Hope you girl like it.

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