Gonna Keep Myself Fit & To Destress my depression

She will do the swimming & I jogging. The track mill can track the heart beat as well as the calories burn. 30mins fast walk i burn of 150 calories. I'm happy as I cannot jog damm hard otherwise my leg will be really big & muscular & in fact my leg already look like pig trotter. But Just wanna keep fit n stay lean.... And I really want to hv a little abs on my tummy. I think is sexy.. but i donno what guys will think... Cause my friend told me if u have 4 hard abs, man turn off... is it true? But I don't care... Just wanna have a little abs and a slim leg will do (how can i make myself thigh slim down? I already try trillion matter but it don work on me)..... Lucky my sweet gf acc me for all this exercise. Thanks so much....
I love to exercise! Make me feel good all times...
 Get ready for my jogging. Actually cannot take picture. But lucky no security see it... haha~ Or else sure kena!!!!

Actually We are crazy... We can exercise almost everyday. Next time cycling.... Still owe u once my dear! EAST COAST PARK!!!! haha~
We promise each other we will be meeting at least min. 1-2 time for activities. Love it~

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