Cycle @ East Coast on a Beautiful Sunday

Serious I love to spend my time wisely, such as doing some exercise when I free with friends of family. Exercise make me slim down lots and also make me keep fit and don’t easily fall sick. But i don’t wish to be tann so normally i will apply lots of sunblock lotion. But i will tried to cycle or swim in the morning or when weather not the hot. Haha!!! I just wanna stay as lean as possible... Having this target to slim down my tummy n my thigh n my arm, at least look firm at all times. Haha~ Think determination is very important and the friend who willing to exercise with you.
         My face was just so red! HOT

Couple we don't know, but just so lovely birdie

This is beautiful family

 After reach home, I'm tann & burn.. OMG!!! But at least burn some fats away... haha~

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