2009 Vs 2010

Never consider a beauty nor a pretty girl at my Secondary sch days. Look fat and dark due to school activity CCA as i invovle with canoe & dragon boat..... (Oh ya~) you may think it's actually suppose to burn FATS then gain FATS.

Nah ~ (LOL) we still young teen, we need food.....!

In fact i realize after half day of canoe-IN, the next moment my vision is all fly flying around. I use to orderd chicken rice,2 fried banana, rojok (share among all friends), sugar cane & end with fruits.. & get a  chocolate bar from 7-11.. After i'm home, my mum cook my dinner!!!! DAMN!!!BURP~

Girl like me have serious water retention always make me double bloated in the morning (as is shown here with the yellow background, at my age of 14.. Lol i know i look terrible tho). As me never get any attractive at all in my secondary days, thats the reason why i always (LOL) bullied by a bunch of annoy male classmate... (u know who are u) Lol, after all we are good friends now. 

2009 i'm seriously fat, at the weight of 60kg. I always feel tired, restless cant move around and start loving to couch for hours.. OMG! I cant stay home months without stepping out the house. HA-HA i think I've good patient endure for my further confinement. Just LOVES staying at home

After lots of negative feedback, I told my mum that i wanted to go for an healthy diet & want her to help me too. Seriously i told her, how upset am i when someone said things negativity, and i know my mum will support me on my diet plan.

  • - I told my mum " From now on please don't buy or either cook any dishes for me" (this may sound bad, but tell your mum this will only last only 1mth & you really need a very supporting parent for this month.)
I eat only broccoli with chicken fillet (boil; for Morning, Noon & Evening) with TABASCO its a non fat chilli that can spicy the FATS a way. 

When i feel like munching something in my mouth i will grab some fruits; such as banana with high fiber. (Advise to snack banana or another fruits in the day when there's more movements)

After this continue the first 12-14 days, i had drop 4kg... amazing!
But after that.... Definitely i start eating normally again & definitely i gain a 2kg back.

Start to jog every alternate days at the evening, eat lesser.
Mainly, don't hang out when my friends have steamboat or buffet session, for me i always find lots of excuses to reject &  for my absent. When they are done then i will appear! LOL~ (but now i don't)

 After this i really motivated to go exercises (finally), exercise is a stable way but i use near 1yrs to what i am now. There really no easy way, all is hard work.. Some pic of me when im FAT... (PIG) 

 look like slim center advertisement? LOL!!

Finally i slim down... i need to make a chance in my life now.

Actually I'm a tomboylish person, when i was at my teenage i hope i can be a soccer play or swimmer, But don't why went to secondary school i more interest in others stuffs, such as ...... (Boys............................. LOLS)

Maybe that partially why i wish to slim down to as, i hope to look good & others look to see good.. lols... am i right?

 When i see this 2 picture above i realize i look so disgusting... Serious i hate how the way i look like, when last time i think is still "Alright". Oh... like shit.. every part of my body fat & round. GOSH~
Hope my ugly picture can brighten your day!!


  1. How about a post on the exercises and diet you underwent during the 1 yr to get back in shape? :)

    That will be interesting. My gf and I need to get in shape !

  2. haha.. trying really hard... you r beautiful and slim, just keep yourself fit... health is beauty.... ^-^

  3. u r gorgeous.and u r nt ugly at all.u r so sweet looking.how i wish im like u.but too bad i eat alot de haha.anywya jiayou ya.u look great reali. :) anyways i added u in fb.my name is magdalene avril lim.tok to u soon :)

  4. it's such a movtivation for me thanks nic! =)

  5. Hi nicole,

    do you go for gym or just exercise yr own to slim down?
    thanks for sharing.

  6. hi. whats yr height and weight now?

  7. Hi sorry for the late reply, as i busying & forgotten to see the error that not fix, finally fixed.

    45kg & 160cm...... Will draft a diet plan soon. But not everyone work the same way. Right way still most important :)