March Hong Kong 2011

Okay Hong Kong people! I coming for you, here i come come come come! LOL. 
Forecast H.K checked at 16 Degree Celsius
**Mad excited!!! Yes!

Prepared and waiting for Yiling...  entertaining myself with camwhoring

Can you see my excited face, is just written on my face with that big smilessssss...  take the train hit to T1

Walking to Departure.. My 2nd trip with Yiling, Do you know I really feel I'm the happiness person in the world to have you such frd, really thanks for the accompany. 
Thks Sexy Mommy Violin's 11yrs & we hv more to go ^_^
Looking forward for more trip w you!

Okay We heading in now! HEHE!

Took this picture in the toilet! LOL! Best scenery to enjoy when you have tummy ache! 

Grab our boost up Starbucks coffee & my fav chocolate blended before hitting to the Jet.

Take picture everywhere, every time, every minutes & every seconds!LOL! Is part of us. Capture every moment that makes us happy, sad or even suffering.

Walk to the Jet! Get our sit & settle our ass down! And fly up to the skies...! LOL! 


Passenger: Wong Teng Teng Nicole
Passenger: Ang Yi Ling Violin

Airline: Jetstar (3K)
Flight Number: 3K 0695

Departure: 15:45 Fri 11 Mar 2011
Arriving: 19:30 Fri 11 Mar 2011

In the plane we meet new friend, but in fact his the irritating guy who wanted us to move our sit to behind instead.... DAMNIT!! LOL.. The story is...... the sit is 3 by 3 so there is the guy who sit beside us, who are not very friend or what i can say is not gentlemen at all, yiling wanted to go toilet so once she able to remove the safe belt. She went to the toilet.... i still can tolerant so yiling after awhile she want to go again, and after she back i wanted to go... Yes i admit girls are easy go toilet. But we just pass by him thrice while he reading n listen to his POD. We do say excuse  sorry! but i think he didnt heard it, So once i get back to my seat, he said to us " Hey since you girl need to go toilet that often and it a 4 hrs flight, i suggest you to sit behind instead, where just outside the toilet, cause it empty."  
We was stun by what he has say..  BOO! what strike is my reply is "NO" we are very comfortable n fine on where im seated. After awhile we just rest n listen to some music to ease my fire on my head.. 

After the air stewardess start selling drinks... Order the vodka n drink to make myself drink, if u know me well, once i drink im noisy.. n is really noisy! start want talk to people all this.... N there's come :/ i donno hw i start talking to him... maybe is a funny start.. n we start chatting n laughing together with yiling, n get me vodka. After tt i asked him y did he ask us to shift behind. N i tell him straight on his face that is extremly MEAN to us, he reply cause i don concern you girls need toilet if yes there empty sit n u can hv tht..... i was like -_-" .. haha
Anyway get to know him THOMAS KONG!

And then we reach.......................................HONG KONG!

Hi Hong Kong.... Reached!!! jus don bother with my stupid action Cause i was drinking in plane... Lol

When walking out from the airport am total freeze out. Is 14degree n am wear that people said De "HOT PANT".....-_-" I mean shorts. You can see this pic that i cant even stand n take a pic.. i was like move around to keep myself warm...

Reach the apartment & about to see beautiful harbor everyday in front of your eye... OH! This is life! like it....  Close my eye to Enjoying the breeze..!!!..

But time to get change, we handing to Lan Kwa Feng tonight. YES, this is the night! Let's rock Hong Kong!!!

At "Insomia"...  Is it here to cure my insomia TOO? LOl...
The have really good singer that can rock the night all way long... 

Drink, Drunk & let shake shake move move....

Yea... Yiling always the sexy dancer of all.

 Everyone Let take

Morning Breeze! I love Morning!

After Shower & i was damn cold!! Cant take it.. My freaking said too...

After shower but nt after hangover. Omg! I puke like a mad dog... till whole stomach coming out. The feeling is sux but i donno y i keep continue drink most of the time.

Sorry i look bad, this is how i will be spotted Monday-Friday. No contacts, super doper minimal makeup lol!
My girl is looking good as always though! :D

Sorry i look bad, this is how i will be spotted Monday-Friday. No contacts, super doper minimal makeup lol!
My girl is looking good as always though! :D

Am done with my prepare. Keep shopping n Keep eating is today plan.

Look over there... the seas... wooo... FREEZING

We are at 37 Level... Wow! Cause everything look so small to me.. Am the Queen!! Daydream! Cause at the point of time am still puking non stop & yet to ease the hangover symptoms !!! Terrible!

Can you see my background, like a push - down feeling when u stand & look down.HAHA!
Every building behind me is so small tiny winy.

heading out.. let go! Can't wait to go out! Walk shopping walk shopping walk shopping walk shopping

sunshine but cooling weather! I LIKE! LOL.. we are tourist!! hehe!

we saw this garden look similar on what we had saw in Hong Kong drama.  HAHA! we really behaving like tourist

 Take a rest half way, too tiring climbing up & down. we saw this & decided to dig in, GUI LING GAO 龟苓膏 also known as Tortoise Jelly or Turtle Jelly, is a jelly-like.
Regular guilinggao jelly is black in appearance; however, the actual color is more of a dark brown. Naturally, it is not sweet, but slightly bitter, although sweeteners such as honey can be added to make it more palatable.

Guilinggao is thought to be good for the skin, allowing for a healthier complexion upon repeated consumption. Other supposed positive effects of the jelly includes improving circulation, assisting muscle growth, relieving itching, reducing acne and kidney restoration. 

And is Jason first try, yeah! He hate it! Cause is better even with the maple honey. 

i love  GUI LING GAO 龟苓膏, it does many benefit from just a small bowl i consume. especially in Singapore we ladises gotta eat more cause due to hot weather we get heat up easily. Grab any guilinggao anywhere in any medical stores or supermarkets, its really help on me. You can give it a try to maintain good health & skin

Can you see the road/pathway? Is all up n down & i really wonder how they walk up & down to work, school etc. And i saw even elderly walk up n down. I "RESPECT" them!

Hong Kong: The Path, The Build & People

get to the ... subway......

I don't why we so happy taking train even tho we take train everyday. Crazy! Cause we r just happy.

Vietnam Dish in Hong Kong? HAHA-

But we are hungry after walking up n down non stop,, yeah is time for lunch

Yummy & Fresh... Food n is food to me no matter where then come from...

Yea...  Act Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow... our Pyo had arrive

Yiling recommend this MUST TRY  Rice pan-cake. Nice, Not bad but can be better yea...

Walk & Walk to the train station.. Let go to the next station.
YES! the man is look at me n wonder how can i be able to wear so short n so help heel climing up hill n down.
Actually i cant live without heel... i love wearing it.... i loving it... PRETTY HEELS i adore u!

The part and puzzle of daily life.....

Next Station


A good relaxing foot reflexology after the whole day of climb H.K hills. Hong Kong path way is so up & down. You gotta really climb up the mountain & the faster way is to roll down!LOL! 

While having my foot reflexology I watching the Breaking News on Japan. Really make me heart broken every time i watch the News
God please Bless Japan!

Violin decide every long to do her gel nail in Hong Kong. Is only SGD40 with crystal & design. Worth it! Will nv get the price in Singapore.  And as well i get her, her favorite Stinky Tofu! Searching everywhere for that stinky smell just for you even i hate it! LOL! You feel touch??!! 
I doubt you are.. HEHE!

3hrs awaiting for Ms Violin Ang. From 10.30pm - 1.30am. Nothing better to do

im flat!! But we heading to party soon... Just get a quick shower n change up! It's about 2am.. Shag till max but just wanted to make the time worth in H.K

reach L.K.F at nearly 2.30am! Tiring & Tippsy! YEAH!LOL

Early in the morning we rushing for our flight. Omg!!! We no stop running from one end to another!! We are the last batch, n everyone in the Jet is looking at us! 

See both of us r just shag off man, ytd drink & morning rush! N we late!!!

We heading back to Singapore. After that we nv take any pic already because I puke more that 10times in the Flight. I feel Giddy n i throw up like every 15-mins through out the flight (Worst flight in my life). Really kill my time on plane cos i keep going to the toilet or Just throw up in a paper bag. N i notice, the man sitting beside me was look frustration ! N i keep trouble the air stewardess for panadol  or drink more water water.

For me I SWEAR HARD! i will nt drink too much / or neither i drink any if i need to board on plane..

The Junk i bought from H.K

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