Sing Sang Sung... Party World with Shufuni Friends

Most things in life don't need an answers, they only need a grateful hearts.
its... long long times, my last visit to Party World

Random flower that catch my eye! Because life is still full of color when u think is dark!

Shufuni, shufuwo, shufu, shufu.... x100000000000000000000


Omg... im so short... they are all 180 & above... make me a shortly

JJ expression is just funny.... so shufuus!


Very Super Focus & that pair of leggggg

The blue shirt guy, wendy wanna know

Uncle Robin Neo

Gay Ass... lolssss Robin & the JJ

Drunken Nicole

The Shy ahMai
 (Seriously i don't know why named like this.. mai mai mai)

Perfect match couple... so envy!

The blue shirt guy!

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