42 Below @ Indocin

42 Below Vodka Launch w NICOLE.B

mmmmm the top is rather big tho... think it's for guy. lolz

yan: where is my white safely short. LOLZ
i look so muscular!! OMG! Come nearer & let me punch on your cutie face... lolsss

Still early... YAN, BENJI & CASH$

The "Shakers"..... haha...... i mean they are mine admire dancers... 

Was freeze in the exclusive icebox room with you're getting your shots.... x_o

Heys.....!!! What you "know" about 42 Below Vodka??!

About 42 Below Vodka

42 Below is distilled three times from non-genetically engineered wheat. After that, natural spring water is used as a wash before a final distillation and a trip through 35 different filters. The result is a smooth vodka free of the majority of impurities.

Manuka Honey!! SO nature ......

i like it with different flavors?! What about u??????

There's , Feijoa and Passion Fruit and (the only two currently available in the U.S. & SGP) Kiwi and Manuka Honey.

These may not be your everyday commercial infusions but they are very well done and worth a shot at creating some great drinks with. 
i'm a Vodka lover, Personally. lols...
i felt for 42 Below Vodka (flavors), they didn't overpowering the original flavor. So the sweetest & driest down your throat & blend perfectly well. HAHA!!
That's why??!!!   CAN'T STOP DRINKING...... 
Is a happy drink!! Drink happily & enjoy this Xmas Season 2011. Muackxss!!

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