Kit Kat Xmas Crazy Present

Have a break, have a Kit Kat®

Do you remember this tagline? Well I do. Now they are on FACEBOOK with their very own KIT KAT SINGAPORE Page.
Did you know that with its tasty chocolate and crisp wafer, KIT KAT® has been delighting chocolate lovers all over the world for 75 years.
Check out their Facebook page and feel free to comment, share pictures, videos and links of your break on this page. Tag yourselves if you were "caught” by one of the KIT KAT Girls who have been roaming around your schools and favourite hangouts giving out free Kit Kats for Likes.
Unite all KIT KAT® fans in Singapore and champion the break!

Remember to like their Facebook Page
Happy Holidays and remember to have a break, have a Kit Kat!
Love. –Nicole.B

Introduction to “Christmas CrazyPrezzies”
Kit Kat is launching a Christmas Greetings on Facebook targeted at the younger audience and users of Facebook Social Network.
The application will be deployed into Kit Kat’s corporate Facebook page on 
Fans of the Kit Kat Singapore Facebook page will use this application to send out greetings to selected friends. There are a total of 13 different gifts that can be sent and are unlimited, with the exception of the free Kit Kat bars which each fan can and will only draw once throughout the campaign.

6 easy steps to sharing your gift(s).
Landing Page
1. Gift is drawn
2. Details of gift
3. Choose a friend.
4. Select a photo to use.

5. Preview the selection
6. Gift is delivered!

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