Wishes for this Xmas 2011.... Santa Cluas did your heard me? :)

i WANT you! I want you now! i say NOW NOW NOW. I want U. I Need you. Please i Want you !
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Seriously i wanna get this ipad badly.... When can i really own you? 
Recently i lost my lost n my wallet. Ruining out of money$$, 
A empty xmas.... after so long, is the new Xmas i celebrating w/o another. 
But with good friends & laughter!
This is all i want

As well as, i gonna learn piano very soon.... haha! r u surprise???! Not a joke ok!! The Nicole you know is practicing in piano. I just want to fulfilling my childhood's dream where my parent cant provide that time (as piano will be an more expensive talent, mum will rather us this money for us in long Tuition, OMG), now i cant, so i don't wanna live my life regrets. Cause life short so live on now!
Hopefully everything goes well & my salary all in.
Please wait for me my Dream. I coming to you real soon......

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