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Busybody Mole
busy body mole
The Busybody mole is a mole on the right or left side of the chin between the lower lip and the tip of the chin. This is commonly known as the busy body mole. It belongs with someone with an inquisitive nature. Being inquisitive is not a bad thing but it is easy to cross the line and that is when he/she become nosy – hence a busybody. As a rule the bigger the mole the more inquisitive one is.

Obstruct Career and Husband Mole
obstruct career mole
The Obstruct Career and Husband mole is a mole in the center of the forehead. This area is also the career palace and governs a person’s career luck. It translates to problems in one’s career, obstacles and inability to move up the ranks. Since the forehead also governs one’s luck between the ages of 15 and 30, it also means that your career luck can only get better after 30. In the old days the career palace is only important for men but these days it applies to the lady as well. For a lady, a mole on the forehead also infers poor marriage luck. She may have an unhappy marriage or have poor affinity with the husband.


Ill Health Mole
ill health mole
The Ill Health mole is a mole on the nose bridge. This area is also known as the health palace. It reflects the quality of one’s health. A mole there shows poor health, a weak immune system and a lingering or long term illness.

Eating God Mole
eating god mole
The Eating God mole is a mole on the left or right corner of the upper lip. This is called the ‘Eating God’ mole. People with such moles enjoy good food. They will seek out good food and often do not need to pay for them! Actually their good luck is not limited to food. It also includes the finer things in life such as wine, women and song!

Lose Wealth Mole
lose wealth mole
The Lose Wealth mole is a mole on the tip of the nose. Also included in the Lose Wealth mole is moles on the nose wing (left and right side of the nose tip). The nose tip is also known as the wealth palace and it governs the storage of wealth. A mole here shows blockage or leakage and signifies a wealth related problem. Persons with Lose Wealth mole will find it difficult to save money or lose money easily. In general, the bigger the mole the bigger is the problem.

Save Wealth Mole
save wealth mole
The Save Wealth mole is the opposite of the Lose Wealth mole. It is located just underneath or next to the nose wings. People with such moles can save money and tend to have substantial savings. They can also attract wealth. The mole serves like a guard protecting nose tip which is also the wealth palace.

Pearl Covered by Grass Mole
pearl in grass mole
The Pearl Covered by Grass mole is a mole hidden in the eyebrow. It shows treasure or talent that is hidden. It infers an individual with strong character and perseverance that is willing to work hard to achieve his goals. And after much effort his ability is revealed and goals achieved.

Crying Mole
crying mole
The Crying mole is a mole located directly on the eye bag. It signifies emotional issues and people with such moles are usually and very easily affected by emotional problems. They also tend to worry too much.
There are a lot of other moles and meanings but these are the well-known ones. Check out the moles on your friend’s face and see if their character or fortune matches the description above. Have fun!

 Molly ME! Nicole molly!!

 Personally Im a lady with lots of moles on my face, just like cookie & chips *DAMN*. So a part of my day routine, I will start Google about moles & moles. HAHA! Yeah I know it sound kind of creepy. But I just like to research all this to have a peace of mind.*INSANE*

Enjoy & have fun checking out your friends moles. HAHA!

HAPPY MONDAY! Nice DAY ahead!! Chaos..........................................

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