Armpit Hairs Beauty. Attractive??

JAPANESE GIRLS found out that armpit hair is sexy and a fashion trend lately.

It sounds crazy but its true some of them are use to it right now on magazines and even on a bikini pictures the model has un-shave hair on her armpit.

What do you guys think of it?.. is it sexy?? If is sexy I might consider growing too. *HAHAHAHHAHAA*

I never had such long armpit hair in my life. Every I see this bush I just don't feel right.  Cause my mind keep telling myself  that part of the under arm should not have a bush of hair sparkle out underneath.

AHHH!! Stop looking at my armpit hair, cause I'm going to show you now with the hand held high. 
So don't shave your armpit & party like a whore.

I wonder it any guys come forward to approach her & tell her she look gorgeous with hairy armpits.....


She look pretty, if she put her hand down.
I wanna compare Singaporean man vs Others Country man. Who are more able to accept un shave armpit.

I mean having armpit un shave is not a bad thing, but is a bad thing for other to see on it.
Trust me whoever see this, will pause for awhile & turn off. And for me I will be from like -.- to like this 0.0

Hahaha!! Think staying in Singapore is more advisable to shave cause 365 days Singapore is so warm, we are wearing lesser n lesser, so keep your precious hair safely, don't let them out for breathing unnecessary.

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