Healthier Choice of Foods

Healthier choice, Healthier Skin, Healthier Body, Healthier Smile. Food is our daily intake to provide us the right nutrition we need daily. So gonna choose your right food for the day.

Hey, it's nutrition chart. I remembered ever since I'm in primary one the nurse will come to the school to provide us with the information to eat healthy & choose healthy food. I always believe if you eat  healthy & exercise regularly, you will nv get fat. But for me i just cant resist chips, chocolate, candy. This 3cs is already enough to kill me. Fat.. Fat.. Fat & just FAT. It's normally concentrated on my tummy, thigh & face *CHUBBY FACE*


I love to eat, so that the reason i gonna exercise. ( I prefer jogging, the easiest & cheaper way)

I jog 3 times a week. I swear! Yes, i jog at least 2-3times a week (Consider less!!).
Normally i will just jog after i knock off from work. Maybe about 8plus -9plus.

Jog at least 6km. Cause as calculate the big round of the field, 1round = 1.2km
So normally i will jog at least 5rounds, and then the 2 round is quick walk to cool my body down.
So normally take about 1-2hrs.

I only jog on weekday (Mon,Tue,Thurs) HAHA.
Where the day i dont need to go out party.

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