GARNIER Visible Whitening Face Powder

I don't remember I see any of this GARNIER face powder in Singapore. Or, do I miss it. *HAHA* Will try using GARNIER face powder now.
For compact powder GARNIER Light, it has long lasting shine free effect & SPF 18. Also Fragrance-free, oil-free, non comedogenic, 9g

 Like a holding lemon. So refreshing!

 Come in boxes like this, 55,000 Indonesia dollar = Approx. S$7.00
CHEAP!!!! Worth Trying 
Sad thing is I can't find this is Singapore, anyone know if in JB Watson selling??

 Light weight & feel non-cakey feeling. Best for light simple make up
Some ladies might have the same problem like me. Like when I need to go out but I really lazy doing a complete make up (Which take 1hr, normally & want to like my skin to rest), but I still need to put on a little make up to look fresh & clear. GARINER face powder is the excellent choice.
It's simply very light wear, which cover uneven tones and at the same time help your skin lighten uneven tones & spots. GARINER face powder is not just only make up but also a skin care.
Benefit your skin and don't pressure your skin through the day.

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