SPONSORED BY Vintage Studio ❤美容沙龙❤

Sponsored By Vintage Studio @ Bugis+ (New Outlet) 
Credit to you. Awesome! 我喜欢美容沙龙!
Located at Bugis+  #03-09/10
If you wanna know more about them, you can visit their website:

Let's Start!!!!!

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Product of the day for me! LOL

Esther is such a sweet heart!! She meet me straight after her work & due to me, we miss the F1 casting at Hard Rock! SORRY BABY ESTHER.
Yeah!!! Done!!! Nice???!! Simple colors suit me most :) Always go for what best for yourself & the color you like it, so you will not feel regret, but definitely always best to consulate the Hairstylist on some advise if you choosing for loud color or new color you would like to try.
我喜欢玩不同类型的颜色。 它使我的生活多姿多采,, 但我最喜欢的颜色是棕色或浅棕色

Thanks so much!!!

Thanks so much Johnny!! Awesome

再见  ~ Cya Next Episode
To be continue.....

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