Club Shake Opening! 恭喜 恭喜 !!

恭喜!!! 祝贺您!! 
Club SHAKE~~ shake... shake... shake....! Move your body..  
 老朋友!! 好久不见! 我们已经有成长,也变老!! OMG!!! I don't want... I wanna stay forever young.. FOREVER YOUNG I WANNA BE FOREVER YOUNG! 

 Maggie's look so 可爱! And she have that cute 苹果脸 (Cheeks)

快乐! 幸福的 Nicole, finish work already!!! Yeah~~!!! 结束工作
I always jump around, talk a lot, laugh lots like crazy, love drinking & definitely anyhow dancing as well talking nonsense & non stop!!! Seriously?! HAHA~
After work saw this tiny little girl, so we shake together for a bit before heading home!!! 
Nw my body aching... Old liao Old liao.. cannot take it already....!! Old bone cracking...
And my sore eyes really 深深地伤害我, painful till i keep tearing non stop!!! *Ouch*


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