iROo Fashion Launch ♥ Ambassador 小S @ MBS.Taiwanese fashion label iRoo's


My dearest cutie pie!!! 可爱的 Nana

Aylna, Nicole & Huirong. Slacking Time~



OMFG! She just love to take my phone to cam-whore!!! AYLNA!!!!~~~ LOL

Big bully nana!!!!!

Not taking your up-skirt... but jialing expression so funny!!!

My Sweet Baby!!

Argue?! No time for that....LOL!!
NANA bully me!!!! But still donno y love her.... KNS!
Jialing & Shine!!!!
For me, just keep cam whore to kill time.. Waiting for 小S to arrive

Beautiful Awesome Sexy BABES!!!!

Staff of iROo
Waitinggggg for 小S.... very long... And boliao!! so..... lols

Nice! My Favorite!

Sore foot of thousand WAR!!!!

Finally, we able to eat this not very nice junk snack!!! ^.^

Actually my mommy & I are fan of  小S . I didn't know she such a little size. I'm happy to see her in real person. She hilarious, pretty & bold. Admire this type of lady, and most important she mother of 3!!! Seriously?! 
Not bad. I want to be just like her when I'm married with kids!!!
Taiwanese actress and host, Xiao S, was in town to grace the opening of iRoo’s (pronounced ee-row) flagship store. …

Pandemonium erupted at The Marina Bay Shoppes on Friday afternoon as an estimated 500 fans converged to catch a glimpse of acclaimed Taiwanese actress and host, Dee Hsu, better known as Xiao S.

It was quite a crazy sight, with fans -- guys and girls between the age of 14 and 25 -- in near hysteria, shouting their idol's name repeatedly from all three floors of the Shoppes.

One teenage girl was even seen carrying a small electronic flashing banner with the words "Xiao S".

In town to grace the opening of leading Taiwanese fashion label iRoo's (pronounced ee-row) flagship store and fashion show, the animated host was treated to a royal reception.
Screaming fans, in near hysteria, shouted their idol’s name repeatedly from all three floors of the Shoppes. (Yahoo! …

With 80 retail stores in Taiwan, iRoo's three latest collections — City, Casual and Party, targets young females and executives aged 25 to 45.

Xiao S, who hosts the popular Taiwanese variety-comedy talk show KangXi Lai Le, was appointed the brand's ambassador in June.

Dressed in a cream-coloured elegant chiffon dress, the 34-year-old actress/singer/host looked every bit the star.

"I like iRoo because it is not only fashionable but what's important is that it can be worn out on a day-to-day basis and still look fashionable, even if it's debuted on the runway," said the mother of three.

You can visit this website to view more type of design they carry

10 Bayfront Avenue
#B2-101 Marina Bay Sands S018956
Tel: 66887046

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