My Favorite Nudy Series ❤ From Geo Lens

Everyone was asking, where I get my contact lens from? For the past 2 years i been using lenses.

Specially Nudy Series suit me most as I don't have barbie doll big round eyes, my eyes super typical Chinese i can say and so I can't wear more then 16MM. ARGH!! WHY??? I have such small Chinese CHINA eyes? WTF??! Piss.... HAHA! *SAD* *VERY SAD*
But what to do... I love my parent who create me this way. THANK YOU VERY MUCH I WILL TRY TO ENHANCE IT. LOL!!!! OKOK...! I'm going too far, back to topic now...

I'm quiet thankful that i found the correct lenses 2yrs back for myself, cause i been getting from different blog shop for contact lenses & some blog shop bring me super bad experiences; like the contact lenses never arrive forever (mean is gone & lost) and also those blog-shop MIA when I email them and never refund me and also some take billion years to arrives. I hate that & i believe you girls or guy have such experience.
愤怒!!! 烦死!!
I noticed on Facebook and I try PM her cause I wanted to get the pair or Nudy Brown, she replied without good attitude that make me wanted to giving myself &  a chance by try getting a pair from her first. After paying for my 1st lenses, she SMS me regarding the lenses & also once she mail out the lenses to me. That moment i felt WTF, what a service she had, and the problem I received in 2 days time, i was like Seriously Bo??? Seriously, I not advertising for them but that real fact and it from bottom of my feeling. 

And i wouldn't want to recommend things I don't like even thought they sponsor me or give me for free goodie what so ever. What the point man, just because IT'S FREE!?
I mention this lenses because some of the ladies message me and ask me what type of lenses i wearing so Let me share with you  my favorite ok??!! Don't say I never share hor... LOL! Good things must share... 


My super 1st top favorite is Nudy Brown, cause i think it suit Chinese most?! I think for me lah... LOL!! But It actually up to individual skin tone, if you have fair skin I believe you suit this.

My 2nd favorite is Nudy grey, it actually more closest to dark brown yet slight greyish. Making your eyes stand out even in dark tone.

But this lenses is 14.2MM only. Cause I'm not dolly kind of girl so i can't wear more then 15MM honestly. But don't worry girls, as long you girls don't wear more then 19MM will do or else you will look like an alien without white eyes balls. LOL!! Cause I saw lots of 年轻小女孩 do that. I don't feel is Kawaii, yet i feel weird, but if they love it then by all means continue it. Like what I say, it all up to individual. 
 I will do a tutorial on other colors lenses i never try before. So..... To be continue peeps! Good Luck xoxo 天天开心…加油!

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