LOREAL Youth Code Essence & Awesome Freebies

Last Sunday I brought the Youth Code Eye Essence with is $29.90 at promotion price & as well as Youth Code Boost Essence with is $31.90. The promoter auntie keep recommend me to buy this 2 items because is best seller island wide in Watson. The promoter auntie very cute, while I hesitating what product should i get she keep putting sample on my hand & tell me how good n easily adsorb.


WHY I Hesitated?
Because I have super sensitive skin, I can't use product which is too rich or sticky or thick. Firstly is uncomfortable when the whole entire face look whitey and thick and oily. Secondly, I think my face is too cheap. (LOL) Product which is too rich my face will start to clog my pores & start having pimples... I HATE PIMPLES!!!!

Youth Code Essence Too Rich or Oily?
Not at all. It just like water, so easy penetrate into skin & is not sticky at all. (THIS IS WHAT I LIKE & SEARCH FOR). Honestly the Youth Code Eye Essence is really such a small bottle of 15ml. (For me, the bigger the better. Aunty Style), eventually a small amount of drops can really cover eyes target area. (Gonna use wisely)
For Youth Code Boost Essence come in double the size of Eyes Essence which is 30ml. HAHAHA! I still think is too small bottle for me. Cause I use day & night, so which I only can use 1ml (0.5ml/0.5ml) a day to last me for 30days. -.-" 

As mentioned on the link & ads, said it Boost your skin effective 2x. SERIOUSLY?!
Had been using for 1week. Will continue for the next 3weeks.

Will do a advertorial about my skin progress. Hopefully my skin get better by then. (HEE!!)

Oh ya....!! nearly forgotten to let you guys & pretty babes know that, I get LOREAL Freebie @ Watson after purchase the 2 items. How awesome yeah...?! (Even thought item is small)
15ml Sunscreen protection. Freebies is my greatest bonus, make me feel complete.

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