GEO Fantasy Starry Magic Color for Christmas. Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars For Xmas!!


Yeah.. Wooo Hoo ~~ It's December again. Christmas is coming, a day of about giving and receive blessing from everyone.

It's GeoLens again. Recommending you this Fantasy Starry Magic Color lenses to add in this Christmas a little more fun.

All picture 100% no photo-shot. ^.^  So this picture below, hope didn't scare you off the chair
*YELL* Oops! Don't get shock, I'm doing a tutorial on my Fantasy Starry Magic Color a.k.a Twinkle little Stars Lens for this Xmas season by GeoLens

Love At The First Sight!!! That's Unicorn colors is my all times favourite X 10,000,000
I seriously wanna dance it  out to express how much i LOVE this Starry Magic Color

It's Fantasy Starry T-732, I named it as Fancy Twinkle Stars, cause it twinkle when I blink my eyes. Also, and it's 14.2MM Yearly Disposable
Blue, violet & pink color make the eyes expectionally polish (shine) . Easily noticable with normal or light make up on. Never better to wear it for party, special occasion, this Xmas count down, or go dating, or visiting at my place, etc...LOL!

This is Nicole's December Favorite. My first time trying lens that's come with Stars Unicorn Colors. Honestly, (I know you would believe, or maybe you choose to believe? LOL!) I'm super conservative lah..!! I stick to the same color for very long & didn't try other colors till the recent Diamond Pink lense I mentioned in my previous blogging. 

Like some what people always said, "Everything also must try, never try never know."

Since ages is getting old, times is getting shorter then is always better to try out something, and will never know it might suit you or it may change your whole image & refreshing self.

That's my dog, 乐乐 (Mean =快乐=Happy). But sometimes she really irritating, no matter how I push her ass away she still there. *FAINT* She Just don't want to get off my way.

Before, without lenses i look tiring & sick (But still cute & adorable.HAHA).
After, it's a different look of me today, and I keep on looking in the mirror n look at my own eyes. Looking more funky, so I can go rock the party!!! Yeah!!!!!

OOooppss!!.This is my messy room, and the kind of home clothing I will wear at home. Home is freely & easy.

我的隐形眼镜!! This is the Zoom it version. Closer, 100% non photo-shop. This is how it's really look when you just stand before me. Quite Cool,  

If you want to get lenses for this year Christmas, you can check GeoLens, they have fast & tip-top services. No more hassals, it's arrive as fast as 2-3days. (My experiences, as I'm a user for the past 2yrs and going to reach the 3rd year soon)

Well, I super budget girl, so I only recommend thing I feel is good & worth buying it. Can't afford to spend on unworthy items, especially eyes is the most import area, PROTECT & GIVE the comfortable lenses is always a MUST!!!

Thanks everyone for your time to read me blog. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead, Thanks! Good-Bye & Good Lucks Readers

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