Tian Jin Fong Kee 天津冯记, 美味的锅贴!

The stall named 天津冯记, Tian Jin Fong Kee is a restaurant in People's Park Complex selling mainly Chinese food such as Steamed Dumplings and Minced Pork and 锅贴.

I love nice Guo Tie 美味的锅贴, this 锅贴 is not bad i giving 3/5 stars, but i still prefer the soft skin with more gravy type, this picture shown above 锅贴 is more to Grill/fried (slightly harden) I cutting down on fried food. Best non fattening type welcome.

Nearest MRT Chinatown, very convenience and easy to find. Branch People's Park Food Complex.

I get it at 10pcs for $6 , I found it pretty expensive, maybe I'm a budget girl. Or, my concept for hawker center should be cheaper. Nah~ Don't care!

Also, i found it not very choice friendly enough because they only sell 10pcs for $6, who the hell can finish, just like me. I cant finish all, I cant always ask my friend to eat with me. Dammit, this is what not good.....! Order more, eat more, more fats. lol! No way man!

You may try it if you around Chinatown, hit to the hawker center cause there is the place hidden lots of good food and cheaper for sure.

Overview: 3/5

Hope you all enjoy & Thanks for reading. Thanks you everyone & Good Luck Peeps

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