China Bus Drivers' Strike on 26 Nov 2012

Wa ka li kong (Hokkien saying of Let's me tell you this). This is Limpeh ye Country, don't play play hor or itchy backside go create trouble out of boredom.
(lol. I so typical Singaporean, but yes I'm a Singapore and i love it)

Ok~ For once , let me express how I feel towards the recent SMRT bus drivers strike.

Here is JiaJia, let see what he have to say regarding the China Bus Driver's Strike on 26/11

And also what advise will JiaJia give us when we encounter same scenario?

On Monday, SMRT said up to 171 drivers from mainland China had refused to go to work, protesting a disparity in salary between them and other foreign bus captains.   Drivers staying at dormitories in Woodlands were joined by roughly 50 to 60 others housed at dormitories in Serangoon from as early as before 8am, assembling in an open area outside before SMRT staff arrived to negotiate with them
Sometimes I don't understand why the China people, nothing look for something to bother (Mei shi zao shi zhou). Itchy backside = (someone who makes mistakes out of boredom Sibei Bo liao ttm! So boliao! See lah, now even the price of the public transport gonna increase till to the mess you all create.  

You all created, increases salary you all take, shit I collect for you guys?!! NO WAY!  Then why is WE PEOPLE paying for that. DAMN!!!  ARGH!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how much Singaporean spend in transportation daily? All money & is all money gonna spend for sure.  Here is Singapore, not China. Is not a place you think you can just sit there throwing smelly eggs or fasting all the well for more money. All you guys just want to earn more money for a better living right?? 

Then, Why cant you people think of a better solution? Because of one shit smell the whole room. See lahhh..., now some of your friends because of you involve in trouble. And you jolly well only sentence for 6weeks and send back to China and say Good Bye.  "Win already lor."  "Every classroom have a piece of Shit." now I truly understand the Shit stuff happening. Not fair because of you Selfish Person! HATE!!!! DON"T SO BO LIAO LAH!!~

As Singaporean, I agree with Mr Tan. If you not satisfy with your job, jolly well register yourself. And Hello China people, my dad work everyday under sun and shine he didn't even complaint. This is how much you want to earn for a living. Everyone gonna go through and not only you.

That's all. Thanks for reading & Good Luck

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