iphone vs Normal phone vs Lappy

Hey all guys & lovely friends out there, sorry if I nv pick up your calls or either reply you damm slow. It because my mobile keep hanging, keep switch off itself. I really really wanna throw away my this stupid HP! But hey I know you guys gonna ask me y don't you get an iphone which everyone hv it now. When ever I take out my mobile million, billion, zillion of people will start teasing me nor making fun & laugh @ me. Asking me where did you stay? From Mountain or from Indian? Some even said most from Indian hv iphone or even touch screen mobile but y not you. Ok!! Actually had explain zillion times to my friend. But now I will explain again & the last time... HAHA~ I had use up the money for buying a sofa for my family & I can't renew nor upgrade my current line. I'm stuck... Alright?!! Even though I want it so much.... Family come first... My family happy I will be happy too... I'm nt saying i'm a good daughter, but I just want them to be happy as the sofa is damm damaged...

Now & Last month since like a unlucky mth for me.... i'm damm stuck, luck went down till the every bottom.... my lappy spoilt, hp spoilt. Desktop god damm it... Keep hanging (like hell). Till now I'm still stuck... ARGH!!! Praying hard everything gonna be alright... I just want to be a heavenly happy contented girl.... 
 Can I have something better? FML~ Just damm emo ='(

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