National Day Photoshoot at Orchard ION

Is my first photo shoot again ever since September 2011. Kinda excited, butterfly here n there. Thanks to allphotographer who provide me the picture. Thanks for making me pretty in your picture. ❤

Photo Shoot organize by Aki.

There total 5 models myself, Alva, Audrey, Angeline & Yuki.


 I love this pic, because I sit like a BOSS!

I always look so Daze...... -.-  *HAHAHAHAHAH* Time to visit salon soon. (The roots just damn ugly)

Wait for me!!! (@#$%%##%^@$^@#$%^&)  I need to tie my shoe lace!!!!!

 WTF Face!!  HAHA!! Hungry woman is a Angry woman.

There's more picture, will upload soon. :)

Hey hey hey hey! Just want to let you know, *HAHA* I not sleeping, I was acting sexy, can't you tell? OMG!

Some say my eyes look sleepy. I was like *WHAT THE FUCK*, I'm not sleepy at all. *SAD*

Then may  I know Adrianna pic is sleepy or sexy? Think I'm not sexy enough to post this way. Think I will practice this look until I achieve it, so all of my friends or who ever know me, if you see me anywhere, let me practice this "look" in front of you.

Practice makes Perfect. I will try 101 times to meet this kind of "look"

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