LOREAL Youth Code Essence & Awesome Freebies

Last Sunday I brought the Youth Code Eye Essence with is $29.90 at promotion price & as well as Youth Code Boost Essence with is $31.90. The promoter auntie keep recommend me to buy this 2 items because is best seller island wide in Watson. The promoter auntie very cute, while I hesitating what product should i get she keep putting sample on my hand & tell me how good n easily adsorb.


不然你以為夏天那來那麼多 (冰淇淋) Ice cream .................. LOL!

Lucky winners for the luxury bag giveaway this year!!! Whose the lucky Winner???

Who are the lucky winners for the luxury bag giveaway this year? By 5pm tmr, all will be revealed... www.myfatpocket.com

Just for you!!! V.I.P <Very Interesting People>

This Wednesday on 28th November 2012 at 3pm we will reveal who will walk away with the lovely arm candies. All winners chosen will be unbiased, recorded and audited. By 5pm, all will be revealed...

Our 3 awesome ambassadors, ONESIXTYNTEPAD, Miyake Ng and Renee Lorentzen from BeautyFool ail be joining us in this draw.

Thanks for participating. Till then, good luck gals!

Curry Fish Head 咖喱鱼头!! I'm Typical Singaporean I coming for you.

I'm fan of curry and can finish one big bowl of rice with the curry sauces, and I believe that most Singapore like it too. I'm quiet surprise to see this cafe (especially curry fish head cafe), because normally I only had curry fish head at those Coffee shop house. Well, it will be more convenience for me now if i craving for curry fish head and also when i prefer indoor with air-condition (LOL), but does'nt mean you will not sweat a hell out off you, as usual very hot & 非常好吃 . Preparing more tissue & drink more water & after your dinner get ready for some shopping.

Twiggy 😍 60's First Supermodel in 1966

Lesley Hornby, aka Twiggy, was born and raised in England where she was discovered by Nigel Davies in the 60's. Her short-haired, boyish looked, androgynous image, revolutionized the fashion industry standards and she became the "face of the 1966". Her strongest influence while modeling was Jean Schrimpton, an English model, whom Twiggy was latter known to be her successor. Twiggy is considered one of the world's first supermodels.

< <C L I C K T O R E A D M O R E > >

Volunteer ✌ to be Guinea Pig By Prima Donna ♥ Awesome Polka Dots

Yeah!!! Happy! Do my nails look awesome like Candy? YUMMY.CANDY!
Loves the colors like candy make my weekend a little much colorful. Volunteered to let the further Boss to practice on my hand, honestly i really don't mind if need to practice or as a guinea pig to change different color weekly... **HAHA** Next I wanna try orange, baby blue...etc.
Thanks Mandy a.k.a LadyBoss @ PRIMA DONNA in Far East Shopping Center to be soon....! Good Job!!! Just my finger look like french fries...Cause I have short finger -.-"

Club Shake Opening! 恭喜 恭喜 !!

恭喜!!! 祝贺您!! 
Club SHAKE~~ shake... shake... shake....! Move your body..  
 老朋友!! 好久不见! 我们已经有成长,也变老!! OMG!!! I don't want... I wanna stay forever young.. FOREVER YOUNG I WANNA BE FOREVER YOUNG! 

 Maggie's look so 可爱! And she have that cute 苹果脸 (Cheeks)

快乐! 幸福的 Nicole, finish work already!!! Yeah~~!!! 结束工作
I always jump around, talk a lot, laugh lots like crazy, love drinking & definitely anyhow dancing as well talking nonsense & non stop!!! Seriously?! HAHA~
After work saw this tiny little girl, so we shake together for a bit before heading home!!! 
Nw my body aching... Old liao Old liao.. cannot take it already....!! Old bone cracking...
And my sore eyes really 深深地伤害我, painful till i keep tearing non stop!!! *Ouch*


Celine Mini Luggage Tote is my staple arm candy. Win one now!

True style doesn't try too hard. That was the statement at Paris Fashion Week.

And Celine Mini Luggage Tote is the staple arm candy. If it is good enough for celebrities to cary it 24/7, it is perfect enough for my daily use too!

SCC 65th International Rugby 7s Tournament 2012

Here again at Singapore Cricket Club. It's my 2nd year & more to go in the further.
Its contradicting weather, burning warm in the afternoon & it suddenly rain heavily.
Have so much fun when it rain even though, it are more crowd and muddy foot.

Nudy Series ❤ by geocontactlense.co

Great THANK ❤ YOU to Geo Contact Lens for sponsor me with the Nudy Series lenses.*HAPPY*

Nudy Series is my all time favorite & this is what I wear most of the time or almost every times especially brown & grey.

I don't have a pair of big round eyes so I normally wear 14.2MM and max 15MM. I can wear 16MM onward or I will look like an alien that don't have white eyes outer ring. LOL!! (Depends on individual)

GEO Nudy Gray

GEO Nudy Gray CH625 (Magic Color)
is noticeable no matter what eye color you have, make-up is recommended. GEO Nudy Gray will look slightly blue with light brown eye.

If you like the lenses and want to get it, just simply go to this website to get it. ❤

I know it look freaking scary! But this is how it look close up for Nudy Greyish

Nudy Series come in 6 different colors. Gray, Brown, Blue, Violet, Green & Pink

This is the website you can choose you lenses http://www.geocontactlens.co

GEO Nudy Brown

This is my No .1 favorite.I choose this pair of lenses for the past nearly 2yrs.

GEO Nudy Brown CH624 (Magic Color)
is noticeable no matter what eye color you have, light or no make-up blends well with warm skin tone. Design gives you a sexy feel and a toned down enhancement with smaller outer circle dark rim. GEO Nudy Brown is suitable for everyday wear.

This is Nudy Series Brown. This is what I wear most of the time cause it look really natural & suit me most. Some of the girls ask me where I get the lenses from? Just go to this Blog shop http://www.geocontactlens.co/
They have the faster update and delivery. Happy Shopping

Céline Luggage Tote - Luxury Bags Giveaway 2012

The frenzy over the Céline Luggage Tote is so crazy because the bag is so gorgeous, it has jumped from the fashion crowd straight to Hollywood.

Not every It Bag translates that well to people but Céline has found a way and succeeded.

Now, everyone wants one of these bags. Like me!!

Celebs like their Céline luggage totes and they carry them pretty much 24/7!

In love with Céline luggage tote? Win one for you and your girlfriend now! If you win, your friend wins too.

You MUST tag at least 1 friend to be in the draw. So, refer as many friends as you can to increase your chances of winning!

CLICK HERE TO WIN  : http://is.gd/ajOjeI

Bare-faced beauty. 青春痘脸.裸面!

I don't born with good skin. Pimples & open pores is one of the killer to me few years back. That time is my lowest period of times i need to go through.

Now I don't apply press powder, liquid foundation or any two way cake. I just purely apply sun block, eye lashes & eyeshadow & I'm ready to go... I will show u on my next blog... If you like to know my affordable & product that good for your skin without spending too much.. do follow me... i will update all my simple goodie to share with you!!!

Let me show you, 100% non photo-shop.... this is the horrible me with whole face pimples.....
Before...... my skin is full of pimples and black head which clog my skin badly.
青春痘脸!!!  噢我的 天!!!

 100% No photo shop. 
 My skin not 100% good in condition now, there still some scars & red blemishes area my nose area, dark under ring & some open pores. But to compare before & now, definitely is improving.

Non make up face. It took me many years to hv better skin.

I will love to share with you what i had done be make my skin better, but definitely is up to individual. ^.^


Never remove make up thoroughly and head straight to bed due to too lazy. OMFG! This is the top killer ever. Cleansing before heavy make up, light make up or before bed is very very very important, because your skin can't breathe with clog pores & dirt on the surface of your face, so your skin start to produces lots of oil to push the dirt out of your pores. And when it don't properly deal with it, trust me, you will have pimples or acne around a few spots of your face. So girls, never never over look this step regardless you are young or old or with good skin condition as this might make you a habits by doing n doing the mistakes again repeatedly. So pretty girls out there, don't do that OK?!! Or else i gonna bite your ass! Protect and love your skin cause this is what we living with every single day.

Food I eat last time are OILY! FRIED! RICH IN DIARY! I can't have too much chocolate that contain diary, my skin is sensitive to rich dairy product, with cause me pimples.


Cleansing is super important to me. Even if i party till i drop i will cleanse & remove make up  before heading to my bed, but some time i too tiring after party i will forgotten to apply toner & moisturize. LOL!!!! (In a way is better then not cleansing your face, face need to breathe too).

For food i still eating fried food & chocolate, but i intake lesser then b4. Last time i can finish one big bar of chocolate by myself but now i only take a small amount to ease my desire of the chocolate. For me as long i don't over dose my skin will remain as 60/70% good condition.


If you could have make-up on only one facial feature, which would it be?

My eyes because they are the first things people notice when they look at you. I wear individual lash extensions all the time because they make my eyes larger.

When, if ever, would you step out of the house without make-up?

Whenever I'm not working, or go to place like massage,downstairs to grab some food. . I will try not to make up as possible in order to let my skin breathe (让皮肤呼吸是非常重要!!) .

Which facial feature are you most insecure about?

My eyes and nose. I think my eyes are not wide enough for my face and I would prefer my nose can be smaller & sharper.

What are your make-up must-haves?

My lips. Lip gloss can direct other from focusing on my other area. Cause as for eye I can wear my thick black frame to cover my imperfection. 

What is your secret to beautiful skin?

I do a monthly vitamin C jab with an aesthetic doctor to keep my skin in good condition from inside out. I also apply a facial mask twice weekly & clay mask twice weekly. I use 我美丽日记's Q10 hydrating mask (very affordable!!!) & Formula 10.0.6 Deep down detox ultra-cleansing mud mask orange for brighter complexion when deep detox cleansing.

I have been enjoying the Hado Labo series recently. I use the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating lotion & Nano+Super Hyaluronic Acid hydrating milk to fully hydrate my skin after cleansing my skin with Exfoliating face wash.

Complete this sentence: Beauty is... being myself without worrying about what others think.